How to put the child into a diet

How to put the child into a diet

Parental habit not to refuse anything to the child leads to serious consequences. For example, the lack of restrictions in food can lead to children's obesity.

Obesity is the same disease, as well as diseases of heart, the musculoskeletal device, etc. For this reason if you noticed that at your child the body weight increased, then it is necessary to undertake the child immediately. You should not underestimate obesity, because of it the child can have in the future not only problems with health, but also mental health problems – at school or kindergarten always teased and will tease children with the increased body weight.

How to put the child into a diet

You should not resort to rigid diets at children's age as because of them there can be problems with health and development of the child. For this reason it is necessary to pay attention to the principles of healthy nutrition and physical exercises. If in your family got used to eat incorrectly, to often eat greasy and sweet food, then at first it is necessary to correct family food. Otherwise, if you eat junk food, and the child to force to use only fruit and vegetables, he will take offense at you and will nayedat on the quiet extra kilos.


At first you need to change a diet. For this purpose learn to prepare tasty, nourishing, but low-calorie dishes. If you consider that low fat meals cannot be tasty, then it not so. To diversify a family diet, you can see specialized forums on the Internet, buy several books with recipes of low-calorie dishes. Having seen such literature, you will be able to make sure that tasty dishes can be cooked no more than 10-15 minutes. So you will save the time, will help the child to lose weight and also to correct state of his health.

It is better to eat 5 times a day where 3 meals are a lunch, a dinner and a breakfast, and other two – having a snack. As having a snack it is necessary to choose fruit, dried fruits, nuts and other natural products. Gradually it is necessary to reduce quantity of fat products and sweets as such food leads to a set of weight.

Physical activities

The main thing at children's age – maintenance of interest. For this reason physical activity has to bring to the child pleasure. You can arrange daily bicycle walks with the child, play badminton, go to the pool or just visit parks. The main thing is to do it constantly to develop a habit. Only combining healthy nutrition with interesting physical activity, you will help the child to throw off extra kilos.

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