How to put the child on a pot: practical advice

How to put the child on a pot: practical advice

The child was one and a half years old? It is time to begin to accustom him to do "things" on a pot. But in practice it becomes clear at once: to achieve success not easy, especially if the child who got used to diapers did not get acquainted with such concept as discomfort from the got wet trousers so far. Therefore the question how to accustom him to celebrate independently need in a pot, is meanwhile relevant.

The best decision during this period – refusal of diapers, let and partial: let in the afternoon the kid walk in usual linen, it is possible to put on at night, it is more for the sake of "protection" of a bed. Of course in the beginning perhaps it is necessary to wipe here and there unpleasant puddles more than once, but suffer, it is worth it.

The habit to diapers often leads to the fact that the child sometimes does not even notice how he pisat and is not obsessed. That is this process at him proceeds rather unconsciously, automatically. And so he first of all will experience as far as it is inconvenient – wet trousers, then will learn to distinguish the desires that in due time to react to them.

And the most effective way of schooling to a pot is to explain to the kid why this process is important. Are not lazy, try to remind whenever possible him of it and as often as possible until achieve desirable result. Try to show visually this process directly during the game. For this purpose usual toys from rubber with holes from below (such usually undertake for the bathroom), through which water is gathered will perfectly go and leaves when those sit on a pot.

Do not forget: your praise means to the child very much, inspiring him to repeat the "feats" made earlier. After he in a civilized way descends in a toilet, it is necessary to pay its attention to clean dry panties which are pleasant for putting on and carrying again.

In schooling to a pot do not go too far: you should not be obsessed with this subject excessively. The kid, despite the age, has character and will. And if he considers (rather subconsciously) that your educational methods have violent character, can oppose them and do everything on the contrary, to spite of you. Can even start going anywhere, but not to a pot.

Most of children age are already rather independent from one and a half to two years. So the campaign to a pot can be turned into the real ritual including your visit of shop, joint with the child, where that will be able to choose the pot which attracted to it. Even if at your place this adaptation is already prepared, do not regret means, having bought one more, together with your child only this time. When that masters it, then it will be already possible to pass to a toilet bowl (having got a special slip that everything was, as well as at adults). But by then the problem will be already solved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team