How to put the child to bed without tears

How to put the child to bed without tears

If some children quickly are tired and fall asleep without wasting words, then parents of other children face a serious problem, putting the child to bed. The child in every way delays need to go to bed, trying to prolong time of games, viewing animated films, readings books and many other. How to arrive to parents who cannot day by day put the child to bed in time?


1. Perhaps, the reason of unwillingness of the child to go to sleep roots in his children's habits. That you had further no similar problems, accustom the child to the mode of a dream and wakefulness since the birth.

2. Create for the kid a day regimen in which all stages have to correspond to the same time – morning rise, meals, a daytime sleep, night sleep. The child's organism will get used over time to the repeating actions which daily take place in the same hours, and soon he will test reflex drowsiness then when in a day regimen the withdrawal moment for sleeping is appointed.

3. Do not do indulgences and delays – try to follow a day regimen as it is possible more precisely. Also do not forget to watch natural biorhythms of the child – stack him only when he really wants to sleep and shows signs of fatigue.

4. Drowsiness of the child is well influenced by walks in the fresh air – the child, having played enough on the street, will come back home and will strong fall asleep to restore forces.

5. In house conditions allow the child to splash out energy in games and active pastime. In a day he will get tired, and will fall asleep without protests at night.

6. For a healthy sleep and maintenance of a day regimen it is very important to provide to the child the healthy and good nutrition. You do not feed the child before going to bed. Shortly before a dream for dinner give to the child rice, bananas, raisin, tomatoes or corn – these products promote production of the hormone regulating a dream.

7. Do not give to the child a lot of drink for the night – otherwise, he will not be able to sleep peacefully, and will ask for a toilet.

8. To small children symbolical rituals which help them to join in vital processes are important. Think up such ritual for awakening and for falling asleep. In advance tell the child that in ten minutes he will go to sleep, begin to gather a heat bath, to remove toys into place.

9. One couple of hours prior to a dream the child has to calm down – read with it the book or listen to music. Quiet pastime will relax nervous system and will prepare the child for sleeping.

10. Not only preparation for sleeping belongs to rituals of falling asleep, but also a dream – sing to the child a lullaby, take it by a hand, give it in a bed a favourite toy or read the fairy tale. All these actions in consciousness of the child give a signal for sleeping.

11. Communicate with the child quietly and peaceful not to overexcite him. Put the kid to bed only when he is quiet, cheerful, does not experience negative emotions.

12. That the child was not afraid to fall asleep in the dark, include to him a soft night lamp.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team