How to put the newborn to a breast

How to put the newborn to a breast

The main need of the newborn - food. But quite often young mothers just do not know how it is correct to put the kid to a breast so that he could be sated quickly and without hindrances and at the same time did not cause to the mother of annoying troubles in the form of cracks of nipples.


1. Pay attention that from that, how correctly and deeply the kid will take a nipple in the mouth, depends whether there will be at mom pain during feeding and a crack on nipples subsequently and also that, will be how good to occur a lactation.

2. Pay attention to position of a backbone of the child: your hands have to serve when feeding as a good support to its back and a neck. Except feeding on hands, it is possible to suit conveniently the kid on a bed, having adopted the most comfortable provision and most.

3. Find the most comfortable position for feeding of the kid. Before giving to the child a breast, track that his head was slightly raised (it can be determined by position of a chin of the kid) - so more convenient to open for him a mouth. Send a nipple tip to the area of a nose of the child.

4. Give a breast to the kid when his mouth is open as widely as it would occur at a zevaniye. Usually the newborn does it instinctively, but it is possible for him and to help, having slightly pressed a hand finger on a chin.

5. Before the moment when you are ready to give to the kid a breast, the lower sponge of an open mouth of the child has to be already at bottom edge of an areola (a dark circle of skin around a nipple), and the uvula - is pressed to the lower gum of the kid.

6. Give to the child the chance to take a breast as it is possible more deeply that not only a nipple, but also a part of an areola entered a mouth. It will help the best withdrawal of milk from a breast and will save mom from painful feelings and injuries of a nipple during feeding.

7. Bring closer when feeding not a breast to the child, and the baby to a breast. For this purpose press the kid to yourself so that he could take a breast. To check, how truly your kid took a breast, simply, just look at the child's cheeks, at the correct feeding they are slightly inflated, but not pulled in.

8. At the correct capture of a breast and sucking of companies of the child it is widely open (the angle of disclosure makes about 140 degrees), and the lower sponge is densely pressed to mom's breast.

9. If capture did not turn out, do not despair and make the second attempt, having reached a starting position (a back equal, the head is raised, the nipple is directed to the child's nose, his lower sponge is about bottom edge of an areola) and it is careful by means of a thumb having enclosed the top part of a nipple in a mouth of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team