How to put the one-year-old child to bed

How to put the one-year-old child to bed

There are certain rules helping to put the one-year-old child to bed. It is very important that the kid learned to fall asleep independently, without presence of parents, it will help it to become the confident not diffident person in the future.


1. At each child the dream is associated with certain things therefore it is important to adult to understand that? has to precede falling asleep of their kid. For example, if mom nurses the child before going to bed, he will not be able to fall asleep without this ritual. Therefore you should not give to children before going to bed food or drink. Also it is not necessary to rock to sleep the baby.

2. It is necessary to develop a habit to fill up at the same time at the baby. Establish a certain hour when you put to bed the one-year-old child, and soon this time for it the will become sign of the fact that it is time in a bed.

3. Try to make so that the child fell asleep without your presence. Let near it there will be a toy, a blanket or a pacifier. Having unexpectedly woken up at night, he will look not for you, and the dear plush friend and as that always is near, the kid will fall asleep quietly.

4. Develop a ritual which the child has to pass before going to bed, and never change it. Let the kid take off clothes, hangs up it on a stool. Let him know that you, having wished it good night, surely will leave the room. If someone from relatives puts him to bed, then the ritual has to remain the same. The regularity and repeatability of actions is very important. The kid has to fall asleep always in the bed.

5. Active games should be postponed for day time, children badly fall asleep if they actively move before going to bed. The quiet situation, fresh air (open window leaves) promote good falling asleep and sound sleep. The daytime sleep can be followed by small noise and light, and at night the child has to sleep in complete darkness and without noise.

6. Children are very sensitive, they perfectly understand when parents are nervous. If in family something occurs, the child should not notice it. Try to behave at any situation, health of your child is the most valuable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team