How to put to bed the baby

How to put to bed the baby

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Till some time the fact that the kid falls asleep under a breast at mother is norm and guarantees the correct formation of nervous system of the child therefore you should not listen to adherents of the outdate Spock long ago and to force the baby to shout in the bed for hours. Sensitive mother will always understand how it is correct to put to bed the baby and when he is already ready to independence and growing. But here the fact that children love a certain mode and a certain ritual it is the fact therefore it should be developed from the first days of life.


1. Gradually you will understand who your kid: lark or owl. And first adhere to golden mean and begin to train the child for sleeping at 7-9 o'clock in the evening.

2. Very good "anchor" for the child is evening bathing before going to bed, it becomes a certain ritual and a harbinger of the fact that there will come night rest soon. The child understands it and already in advance begins to be adjusted on a dream.

3. In two-three hours limit the child from noisy and outdoor games, nervous system of the kid is still so weak and imperfect. Give preference to quiet games, tell the child the fairy tale, read the book, just take a walk in the apartment. You can turn on the calming music - it helps too.

4. After bathing and hygienic procedures create in the room where the child, the silent and calming atmosphere sleeps. You can even switch off a night lamp, let the kid get used to sleep in the dark.

5. Your convenient location has to be in advance prepared with pillows or a stool for legs. Having conveniently taken place, apply the child to a breast and sing to him a lullaby.

6. When the child eats, will strong fall asleep and will independently release a breast, can shift him in a bed.

7. All children like to sleep differently: someone on one side, someone on a tummy. Having a little matured, the kid himself will decide how he to him to sleep and will turn as it is convenient to it. For now put it on a flank - it is the most favorable pose for a dream. At the same time do not forget to change a side periodically.

8. Of course, to put to bed the baby - it is not too problematic, all most "interesting" begins later. Therefore each mother has to solve itself when to begin to accustom the child to independent falling asleep. As well as in all that concerns children, you will find about it many absolutely opposite recommendations at various psychologists. Sooner or later, but your child will learn to sleep itself for now he is a baby, do not deprive of it this tasty joy - to fill up, sucking a maternal milk.

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