How to put to bed without ukachivaniye

How to put to bed without ukachivaniye

As the vestibular mechanism of kids is not developed adequately yet, at a motion sickness they very quickly begin to feel dizzy. Opinions of doctors about it differ, but most of them strongly recommend parents of children to put to bed without ukachivaniye.


1. Put the child to bed at the same time. Over time he will get used and independently will fall asleep at the scheduled time. If the kid does not fall asleep in a bed – do not take away him from there. He has to understand that time of games passed.

2. Be defined who in family will carry out a duty of laying of the kid. If it is done by one person, it will be easier for kid to fall asleep as it will enter his personal peculiar ritual of withdrawal for sleeping.

3. Give to the kid in the afternoon as much as possible opportunities for the free movement. As a rule, children who move much in the afternoon well sleep at night.

4. Before going to bed allow the kid some time to play independently. It will calm him. If you play together with him, the child will be overexcited and for a long time will not be able to fall asleep. In the same way some children are affected also by the fairy tale before going to bed. It is interesting to it to invent new details, to learn, what will be farther and to fall asleep therefore after the fairy tale very difficult.

5. You will come with the kid before going to bed for walk on fresh cool air. Regular evening walks will help to put to bed the child without ukachivaniye.

6. Do not wrap up too strongly the child and do not overheat air in the room where he will sleep. The best temperature for a dream are 18 °C.

7. Having laid the kid, turn off the bright light (it is possible to leave included in a small night lamp which light will not prevent the child's dream). Go to the neighboring room, or remain in the room together with the child, but be engaged in something that will not cause excess noise.

8. If the kid got used to fall asleep with a motion sickness, be ready that he can about a week and desperately resist new rules of laying more. He can cry, row, asks on hands. In this case surely leave his one in a bed and you leave the room. The child needs to understand that ukachivaniye will not be any more even if he will ask very much about it. Have patience, and the kid shortly will begin to fall asleep independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team