How to raise adult children

How to raise adult children

When the small child, parents nurse him, tell fairy tales. Over time the son or the daughter grows up, and mother with the father still perceive as the small child. There is some problem in communication as mom and dad do not know how to treat the matured children.


1. Reconcile with the fact that your child lives independent life. It is especially difficult to improve the relations with his girl or the guy. Try to see in this person only good for what he was chosen by your son or the daughter. Perhaps it seems to you that it is not the really good choice, but it is better to keep it around as the spoiled relations will be more difficult to be restored.

2. Keep in mind that relationship with adult children has to be based on care and understanding of each other. You have to treat a way of life, the interests of the younger generation with respect. But also they are obliged to care for you. Both generations need to try to build up the relationship as equals.

3. It is important to parents to know that it is impossible to try to control all spheres of life of the matured children as in personal, and household relationship. Even if it seems to you that your child does wrong, then it is impossible to put pressure upon him and to demand to change its plans and decisions. The life experience is gained only over the years.

4. Give support and the timely help to your children. However desire it has to proceed from you, but not at the request of the adult child. If to speak about grandchildren, then grandmothers and grandfathers have to understand that the main education falls on young parents.

5. Understand that your boy or the girl grew up, let's them be engaged the in private life. Exempt them from excessive guardianship. They do not need hyper control any more. But also finally it is not necessary to move away from them. Take the released time from guardianship for something more interesting.

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