How to raise children

How to raise children

One of important components of family is appearance of children. From this point at parents many new duties and efforts are added. The task of education of children also lays down on their shoulders.


Be respect for his personality the basis for education of the child. Already from small age he has the right to express the opinion concerning all-family questions. Even if you need to make something in own way, explain to the child in what he is not right. So he will acquire that it is necessary to reckon with others opinion. At the same time he will understand that it is heard.

In communication with the child try to choose a position "nearby", but not "over" or "under" the child. It will help you to avoid such phenomena as egoism and dictatorship. The position will allow the child to understand "nearby" that parents are partners, but not just adults who impose the opinion.

In education consider the crisis periods of development of children. So it will be simpler to you to build up with them the relationship.

Never compare the child to the child of acquaintances or friends. Children are initially all different, respectively have different abilities, skills, temperament, etc. It is impossible to apply to all one measure, otherwise your child can have inferiority complexes.

It is allowed to compare progress of the child – today's to received by him earlier. It is so possible to see dynamics of its development in any given direction.

If you have two and more children, treat them equally. Distribute the attention and love equally. So at children the malice will not be beared against the brother or the sister who will be able to play further a bad role in their relations.


To be parents – responsible business. Having approved certain rules of conduct in the house, demand their performance from children. At the same time all family members have to have identical requirements to kids. Otherwise children will learn to lie and maneuvre between adults.

Demanding something from the child, fulfill this requirement. So you will set a personal example to the child that rules need to submit to both adults, and children.

Remember that until achievement of majority by the child you are responsible for his acts. Bringing up the son or the daughter, try that they acquired rules of conduct and norms of society in which you live. Give freedom to the child in certain affairs, at the same time imperceptibly controlling process. It will help to develop at it independence and responsibility. Besides, so it will be simpler to it to adapt to further independent life. You watch over health of the children, you teach them to elementary knowledge of self-preservation. Try to impart them skills of first aid. This knowledge can be invaluable in certain situations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team