How to raise hemoglobin at children about one year

How to raise hemoglobin at children about one year

Hemoglobin is called the protein which is contained in erythrocytes and performing function of transfer of oxygen from lungs to fabrics. At decrease in hemoglobin (erythrocytes) there comes anemia. Anemia - serious condition of an organism at which providing with oxygen decreases and an organism tests a hypoxia. Hemoglobin consists of protein and compound of iron. Most often anemia arises against the background of the shortage of iron and carries the name of iron deficiency anemia.

It is required to you

  • - breastfeeding;
  • - the mixes enriched with iron;
  • - healthy nutrition;
  • - walks in the fresh air;


1. Low level of hemoglobin can be determined on clinical blood test. Hemoglobin is considered normal at value more than 110. If the result is in borders 100-110, it is necessary to prick up the ears and pay attention to food of the kid. If the value less than 100 (at kids up to 6 months less than 90), then to the child, most likely, demands treatment which the doctor has to appoint. Decrease in hemoglobin in blood can be shown by slackness, a loss of appetite, an arrest of development and growth.

2. Prevention of anemia at the newborn baby should be carried out to pregnancy time. Use the products rich with iron – meat, buckwheat, pomegranate juice.

3. Try to feed the kid with breast milk at least 6-12 months. It completely provides the need of an organism of the child for iron. Biological availability of iron in maternal milk makes 50%. At the same time do not forget that the nursing mother has to watch the food and use the products rich with iron. If the baby is on artificial feeding, then consult with the doctor about the choice of mix with the increased iron content.

4. After you enter to the child a feeding up, try to plan its diet taking into account availability of low hemoglobin. The correct correction of a diet will help to improve hemoglobin indicators. The kid from 7 months can enter the meat which is the best source of digestible iron (availability of iron makes about 23% of meat).

5. Do not give to the child about one year whole cow's milk. This product can cause injury of a mucous membrane of digestive tract of the kid that will lead to loss of iron and low hemoglobin.

6. Besides healthy nutrition, daily walks in the fresh air not less than 3 hours and also breathing exercises and gymnastics according to age group are necessary for a children's organism for normalization of level of hemoglobin.

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