How to raise hemoglobin at pregnancy without drugs

How to raise hemoglobin at pregnancy without drugs

Iron – a basic element of hemoglobin: protein which oxygenates an organism cage. The shortage of iron is especially widespread in an organism among children and pregnant women. The slackness, constant fatigue and pallor of skin can be symptoms of low hemoglobin. Iron can be received from vitamin medicines, but it will be much more natural to receive it from natural products. The correct combination of the food rich with iron, will help to satisfy the daily need of an organism for this microcell.


1. Meat and seafood are rich with a large amount of iron. The color of meat is more dark, the more it contains gland. For example, calf's liver contains 14 mg of iron on 100 g of a liver. Then there are pork liver, kidneys, beef tongue. Beef and mutton contain about 3 mg of iron. In light meat of chicken of iron there will be only 1 mg. Especially there is a lot of this microcell in mollusks: mussels, shrimps, oysters.

2. Vegetables and fruit are rich with iron elements too. From family bean it is possible to allocate peas, white and green beans, lentil and beans. They treat products with the highest content of iron. Dark green vegetables, such as spinach, Bruxelles and the cauliflower, broccoli contain up to 3.6 mg of iron on 100 gr. Greens of parsley contain 5.8 mg of a useful microcell, and corn and artichokes about 3-4 mg. Among fruit green apples, pomegranate, pears, plums and persimmon will be most useful.

3. Nuts and sunflower seeds will also help you to fill organism stocks with iron. The highest content of iron will be in pistachios, peanut, almonds and walnuts, it about 4-5 mg contain there. It is very useful at low hemoglobin halvah, sesame or sunflower. These products contain about 50 mg of iron.

4. The human body acquires iron of animal origin, than its vegetable form better. That elements of iron were acquired fully, use meat dishes with vegetable garnishes. Grain and products from flour (rye or wheat) will interfere with digestion of iron in blood, detaining him in intestines.

5. For the best digestion of iron add a lemon, sweet pepper or greens to soups and to salads. And after a meal drink a glass of tomato or orange juice because vitamin C increases the volume of an usvoyaemy microcell almost twice.

6. If you have low hemoglobin, then for its fast restoration it is necessary to refuse tea, coffee and dairy products for a while. Calcium in milk and tannin in tea block digestion of iron an organism. Drink juice or dried fruits and berries compotes instead of these drinks.

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