How to raise immunity before pregnancy

How to raise immunity before pregnancy

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In your organism the immune system – the chief defender of the person is responsible for prevention of various diseases and illnesses. It is necessary to realize importance of healthy immunity to everyone, especially in those situations when the immunity can be weakened and subject to attack of pathogenic bacteria. In particular, women who plan pregnancy need to watch closely a condition of the immune system. In this article we will tell how to carry out immunoprevention and how to strengthen immunity to strengthen organism resilience in the natural way.


1. It is necessary to strengthen immunity when you notice symptoms of appearance of pathogenic infections. For prevention of diseases constantly air the room in which you are.

2. Do not forget about physical activity. The constant movement and sports activities will help you to support themselves in good shape and also will help to strengthen immunity. The person is more developed physically, the stronger he resists viruses. More often be in the fresh air, walk on foot not less than 30 minutes.

3. Previously consulting with the doctor, get immunomodulators and antiviral medicines in pharmacy if in them there is a need. Intake of these medicines can lower disease symptomatology at early stages.

4. Avoid a sleep debt – observe such daily routine that your dream was full and lasted not less than seven-eight hours.

5. Learn to relax, remove emotional pressure, and smile more – optimism helps to struggle with diseases, and improves your immunity. Avoid excessive disorders and stresses.

6. Drink herbal teas – the ekhinatsea infusion accepted three times a day within a month makes positive impact on the immune system.

7. Become tempered – the contrast shower and massage improve work of all systems of internals, in particular a blood system, and help to keep an organism in a tone.

8. After a contrast shower be pounded by a terry towel. Besides, blood circulation well trains campaigns in a bath or a sauna. Visit of a bath helps to bring toxins and hazardous substances out of an organism, cleaning it.

9. Include fresh fruit and vegetables in the food allowance, vitamin-rich and minerals – in particular vitamin C is important.

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