How to raise the boy

How to raise the boy

When parents learn that they will have a boy, they at once define for themselves at the subconscious level as they will love it, to cherish and preserve against all difficulties. And during that instant when mom and dad, grandmothers, aunts, grandfathers for the first time take the kid on hands, the love covers them with the head. But how it is correct to raise the boy that subsequently he grew up the real man?


1. Do not preserve the child excessively. To eliminate excessive (it is worth emphasizing – excessive) "baby talk", care, love. Connivance to whims, permissiveness and ubiquitous parental love can only do much harm to the child. The boy has to grow at the independent, initiative and strong personality capable to stand for himself and the family.

2. Accustom the child to work. Charge to the boy since childhood at least insignificant homework. Let the kid help dad to collect the new bought dresser or hurries to the aid of mom when she vacuums or sweeps the floor. The kid can carry the backpacks and bags. The child should not be afraid of work, boys, being adults, are obliged to become supporters of family.

3. Be not too strict with the child. It is necessary to liquidate excessive severity and a regular odergivaniye. Constant desire of mother to subordinate the child to the desires and the moral principles will lead to the fact that he will grow up weak-willed, spineless and dependent. The excessive severity of parents will also not lead to anything good, the child will try to escape from under control in any ways.

4. Do not limit the kid in his activity. Boys are very vigorous and active by the nature. They seek to study the space surrounding everything. If to limit them in this aspiration, children will grow up closed, not capable to adaptation in any life circumstances.

5. Show a personal example of parents in all that concerns life in society – communication, respect for seniors, the relations between the man and his soulmate. Only positive examples in each of above-mentioned parameters will become for the boy a reference point in his future life. For this reason mother of the kid has to be the embodiment of an ideal of the woman, and the father – the hero who can imitate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team