How to raise twins

How to raise twins

At all times the birth of twins drew positive attention to itself and was perceived as a significant social event, both for society, and for happy parents, but not just as the biological fact.


1. It is joyful to raise twins both, and it is difficult at the same time. One kid brings a lot of trouble, and here at once two. You will need many forces and patience and also one more couple of caring hands. As, so far your kids are helpless, to bathe, feed, swaddle and so forth them it is necessary in turn.

2. Sometimes there are difficulties with feeding as for two there is not enough milk. When feeding alternate a breast that the second could have a rest and again be filled with milk. At a lack of milk use donor, pass to the mixed or artificial feeding.

3. At the birth the average weight of twins in general is less, than at the single. Besides twins sometimes are born with a difference among themselves in growth and in weight. It is connected with the fact that pre-natal existence of one kid is more favorable unlike another. At normal development after the birth growth and weight of twins is gradually leveled, and by second year of life the twins catch up in physical development of the peers.

4. Try to watch closely the mutual relations of twins. The identical age, physical similarity and similar tastes and requirements (especially at monoovular twins) are the reason of their unity and isolation. Being among other children, for example in preschool institution, twins always keep together.

5. The younger preschool age is the period when your twins ask a set of questions. They want to learn, comprehend, understand about everything. You will hear the same question from lips of each child any time. Always keep calm, answer questions softly and kindly, explaining to kids as long as it will be required. They ask questions repeatedly only because want to make sure once again that all correctly understood.

6. Sometimes divide twins for some time to reveal individual abilities and development of each of them. Cases when parents intentionally divide twins are frequent, giving to different kindergartens and schools. It is connected with the fact that one of twins in process of development begins to be in the lead, becomes more purposeful and capable. The second twin begins to be lazy a little, understanding that the brother or the sister will quicker cope with a task. Therefore he has bad progress at school and is less bright. You approach a question of division individually, in dependence of an emotional condition of children not to do much harm.

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