How to rally collective

How to rally collective

The labor collective is a dynamic social group in which relations constantly change owing to emergence or departure of employees, manifestation of ambitions of some persons, cooperation or rivalry of colleagues. Good leaders seek to rally the collective since in that case there are contradictions less often, and problems are solved more productively.


1. Good relations in collective without which effective cooperation is impossible it is one of the main activities of the head. For the successful solution of this task the leader has to know strong and weaknesses of the employees, their preferences and also to be able to distribute competently duties and to delegate powers that between colleagues there were no conflicts and disputes.

2. It is very important to leader to show sincerity in words and actions since the staff of the company most often broadcasts those approaches to which heads adhere. Psychologists also recommend to representatives of top management to communicate more often with the collective, to support its initiatives, to trace and stop negative trends: conflicts, quarrels, etc.

3. It is easier to rally collective if people have general social and demographic features – age, sex, education, experience, marital status. But so happens rather seldom since employ, based on other principles. Various actions help to rally collective in that case.

4. The actions rallying collective can be divided into two groups. The first group is directly connected with professional activity. The leader needs to organize participation in various seminars and conferences for the employees, to hold business games, brain storms, discussions, etc. All these actions promote exchange of experience, opinions, the ideas therefore colleagues know each other better, between them the informal relations are entered.

5. Strengthening of the informal relations in collective is promoted also by the second group of the rallying actions – festive evenings, sports competitions, anniversaries, excursions, etc. They can be organized at office or beyond its limits, and various holidays, anniversaries of employees or the company, successful completions of transactions, etc. can serve as occasions.

6. It is necessary to place emphasis on the fact that it was succeeded to reach certain tops only thanks to joint efforts of all collective on an official part of these actions. Surely it should be noted also a separate contribution of some persons, to emphasize value of their work for all company.

7. An excellent action for unity of collective is team building. Most often team building is meant as sports competitions, team games or competitions, however it can be and the cheerful office parties or psychological trainings directed to training of employees to interact and solve problems together. Team building promotes liberation and rapprochement of colleagues, and to heads it helps to look narrowly at collective and to define roles of workers ("leader", "idea man", "performer", etc.) that allows to operate further labor processes more effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team