How to react if the child asks on hands

How to react if the child asks on hands

Perhaps, you had to see such picture when on the street you notice young mom with the child in a carriage from which the desperate shout which is broken on squeal is heard. Possibly, the kid very much tries to show to mom that he very much wants to appear on her warm and gentle hands at present, but not in an up-to-date and comfortable cradle of a carriage.

As a rule, such situations come to an end or a hysterics of mom and child when the mood is finally spoiled, and walk turns into torture. Or the kid can fall asleep safely after several minutes of unceasing crying. All this comes from the fact that so mothers try to bring up the newborn children, "without accustoming to hands".

Such methods cannot but have negative impact on children's mentality. Only present, yours the baby, absolutely small, defenseless and helpless sees in you the support, support and rescue. Quite naturally that in the first days of the life the child wants to feel your heat and presence as often as possible. For this reason he so often cries and asks on hands, showing you, the concern.

However some parents persistently hold the ground and as seldom as possible try to take the child on hands. And meanwhile, you lose the happiest and serene minutes of joy. This huge happiness when on the strong hands you feel a small miracle. It belongs only to you and loves only you. When your kid is at you on hands, all his nervous system and an emotional state are at rest and slackness.

To newborn babies the tactile contact with the parents is very important. Babies still badly see therefore touches is an only way of knowledge of the world around at an initial stage. If the child asks on hands during crying or any offense, do not refuse to it it. The kid needs support and if at this moment you push away him, it can affect his state of mind in the future.

Be not afraid to spoil the child the fact that you will often take the kid on hands. Believe if your educational system is built correctly, then the excess touch to the child will not make harm. On the contrary, so you will be able to show to the child once again as he is dear to you. You know, there is one very wise saying: "Be not afraid to indulge the children, still it is unknown what tests were prepared for them by life". Of course, it is not an appeal to blindly and unconditionally to begin to indulge the fidgets. However eases reasonably nevertheless are admissible.

Do not miss an opportunity to communicate to the kid closer and be not afraid to take him on hands. Know that your child will grow up soon and kind of you did not dream to take him on handles, in reply you can hear only: "Mom, I am not little!"

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team