How to react to children's hysterics: to execute or pardon

How to react to children's hysterics: to execute or pardon

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Children's hysterics are the phenomenon very unpleasant. And in an awkward situation there are also children who are initiators of this scandal, and parents who should redden for the unbalanced child. Such situations, as a rule, equally come to an end. The tear-stained child, the embittered parents and a huge number of the negative emotions which hung in air.

Especially desperate parents can even use physical force and release couple of slaps to the raged child. But what there was told, it is the most serious mistake in educational process. Use of physical force demonstrates helplessness of the adult. Usually so it happens when parents have no sufficient experience, patience and knowledge.

What to do and how to react to children's hysterics competently? Let's make a reservation at once meaning that uniform and universal methods do not exist. Each specific situation requires the individual solution. Here it is very important to consider temperament of your kid, the system of values and a way of life of your family. All this has powerful value.

Still before your adored child will make you the next or first scandal, try to understand one important thing. Any child it will not become causeless to arrange you hysterics. Surely there is some prime cause of such behavior of the kid. Perhaps, your child is spoiled and it provokes him to such failures. In this case the main reason – illiterate education. And the unsatisfactory behavior of the kid can be caused by some discomfort, for example, he is hungry, wants to drink, it is hurt by the head. It is obvious that in each of these cases you will act differently. The most important not to lose self-control! Do not allow that the negative emotions caused by an unpleasant situation got of you the best. Otherwise later you will regret for deeds and told the kid. And especially, you should not organize "blamestorming session" in crowded places. It, at least, is ugly and very disrespectful in relation to your child.

If your kid is already able to speak, or somehow differently to express the desires, then have a talk with him. A main objective of this dialogue is clarification of the reason for which the kid revolts. However it is very hard to make it when the child shouts and resists. Therefore originally use the best efforts to distract the kid (a toy, the stranger, a song and other). Do not frighten the kid like at all "Now that angry uncle will take away you". It will cause feeling of uncertainty in you in the kid.

Even if around you there are many people, do not worry. Psychological state of own child, but not foreign gapers is in this situation much more important for you. If the kid does not give in on arrangements at all, then quietly take him by hand and take away home. Ignore manifestation of rage of your kid, he has to understand that people usually do not draw attention with such actions.

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