How to react to the child's hysterics

How to react to the child's hysterics

Children without hysterics are not. They happen most often at kids from one and a half to three-four years. If uncontrollable emotional expression of a protest happens at the child seldom, it it does not matter. But if it falls into a hysterics for the least thing, consultation of the children's neurologist is necessary. Anyway parents have to calm first of all the kid and find out the hysterics reason.


1. When the child rolls up a hysterics to remain, of course, cool incredibly difficult. And still have patience. You remember: your kid actively tries to understand the world unfamiliar to it. He is able to worry, worry, as well as adults, but to express the feelings, thoughts, desires in a civilized way cannot yet.

2. Do not try to explain to the raged child that so it is bad to behave, – it is useless. The kid just does not hear you. And the child is more senior if hears, then absolutely rejects all your arguments, without wishing to press in their sense.

3. Do not abuse the child crying, stamping legs. Do not punish him, do not beat! Aggressive reaction of adults to a hysterics is for a long time postponed in subconsciousness of the little person. And the stereotype of his further behavior is formed on the basis of words and acts of adults.

4. So, keeping calm, try to find out what could cause a hysterics. First of all check whether the kid got sick. Does it have heat, rash, cold? Whether not wet it? Whether froze? Perhaps, the child was overexcited, was tired and wants to sleep? Or strongly got hungry.

5. If there are no serious reasons, then it is just a whim. Quietly ask: "What happened?". Though it is so easy to guess – the child demands something from you. Or pleasant subject, either sweet, or others toy. Small children often in such a way try to obtain that they were taken on hands.

6. Having established the hysterics reason, tell the child convincing tone that you will approach if he calms down. The kid does not stop? Quietly continue to do the things. You can even pass into other room. But be faithful to the word: you do not approach until the child calms down.

7. It is the most unpleasant when children roll up hysterics in public. Here it is necessary to take away the child from the public place at once. After the incident let will a little be alone. Also will feel: such behavior he does not deserve either communication, or entertainments, or gifts.

8. As usual the hysterics develops? First the kid just is capricious. Then begins to shout, burning more and more. And soon starts actions: stamps legs, throws things, trying to rivet attention on itself.

9. Extreme degree – when the child falls and fights in convulsions. But as soon as you will leave his one, the hysterics will quickly stop. The child organizes for you a small performance, and any actor needs the audience.

10. The hysterics, as a rule, comes to an end with plaintive sobbing and the pained look which is looking for sympathy. Here heart at many mothers does not maintain, and they make a serious mistake: rush to the kid with embraces, showering with his one thousand kisses. But a conclusion is fixed in subconsciousness of the child: and left in my opinion!

11. You remember: a hysterics at children – the best way to influence adults so that by all means to achieve the. If you once, the second, third show weak character and capitulate, from now on the child will use this weapon against you systematically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team