How to read verses to the child

How to read verses to the child

Before answering the question "How to Read Verses to the Child?", it is necessary to understand why it in general needs verses. The lyric poet – not only a literature sort without which esthetic and spiritual development of the person is impossible. It also a concept about a rhyme, a rhythm which help to learn to feel the native language.


1. Select texts according to age of the child. You remember one of the main didactic principles Ya. Kamensk – gradualness and systematicity of knowledge. The aspiration of some parents a bit earlier to acquaint the child with heritage of world and domestic classics is quite clear, but poems by Lermontov will be uninteresting to the five-year-old child. When choosing poems be not limited to a standard set of the texts familiar to you since childhood. All new and new creations of children's poets and writers are published, among them it is possible to find very interesting and standing.

2. That will depend on age of the child, how exactly you will read verses. For example, the two-year-old kid perceives a rhythm, than intonation more. It will like verses with the accurate rhythmic drawing, counting rhymes, songs, game verses assuming a clap in palms and stamping by legs. To the kid of three-five years the intonation is more important. If in the poem several heroes, try to speak by different voices to carry away the child. The emotional party of the poem also is important for small children – you can read the verse with as to you, it is possible, apparently, excessive pathos, dramatic nature and enthusiasm, however the kid needs it, he has to learn to intone too.

3. But the situation is in a different way with children is more senior - preschool children and younger school students. To them excess, exaggerated intonations to anything, differently it will be reflected further in their own manner of reading. But since childhood of children it is possible to accustom to accompany the reading with gestures and a mimicry to make it more emotional.

4. Discuss read with children. Ask about what there was a poem, help the child to understand a text essence, consider illustrations. Very often it turns out that already grown up child just is not capable even to explain about what there was a text which is just read to them. The similar skill needs to be developed since early childhood.

5. You learn the pleasant verses with children. This occupation perfectly develops memory, besides, the child will always have a stock of verses which he will be able to tell in kindergarten, to school or just to relatives and relatives.

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