How to receive compensation for kindergarten

How to receive compensation for kindergarten

To parents, whose children attend kindergarten, under the law compensation of a part of expenses is put. It can be issued on any parent who signed the contract with preschool institution.

What documents are necessary for registration of compensation for kindergarten

Before starting compensation registration, it is worth preparing necessary documents. Their list includes:

  • the documents confirming the applicant's personality;
  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of family composition (if child not only);
  • extract from bank with the indication of account details on which money will be transferred.

How to issue compensation for kindergarten

The photocopy of the specified documents need to provide to the head of the kindergarten which is visited by the child. Notarially it is not necessary to certify them if you present them along with originals.

From you it will be required to write the written statement about purpose of compensation payments. It has to be registered in the special magazine. The preschool institution forms lists of parents and reports them to the authorities of a social security, regional educational bodies and Territorial Departments.

How to calculate compensation for kindergarten

The amount of compensation put to parents depends on the number of children in family. It is 20% of the sum of the actual payment for the first child, 50% - for the second and 70% - for the third.

The cost of monthly stay of the child depends on category of preschool educational institution. The it is higher, the more collectable payment.

For calculation of the amount of compensation it is necessary to divide the monthly cost of kindergarten into the number of the working days, and then to increase on the number of days of the actual stay of the child. The received sum is multiplied by the applied percent depending on the number of children.

For example, the child visited a garden of 20 days. The cost of month of stay in a garden is 1500 rubles. It turns out at 23 working days in a month 1 day costs 65.22 rubles here. Actually parents paid 1304.4 (65.22*20). Respectively, if it is the only child in family who visits a garden, the amount of compensation will be 260.88 rubles (1304.4*20/100).

The added compensation is transferred on the specified bank details of the parent in the month following payment. The amount of the actual payment is independently transferred by a garden to authorized institutions.

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