How to receive food in dairy kitchen

How to receive food in dairy kitchen

In many territorial subjects of the Russian Federation the local authorities provided the natural help to families with small children in the form of baby food and dairy products. The structure of the help and age of children which need such help can differ in the different cities.


1. For receiving food in dairy kitchen find out whether food in your city and on what conditions is provided. Usually such data can be received in department of health care.

2. If in your city the delivery of food in dairy kitchen is provided, you should address the pediatrician in policlinic in which observe your child. The pediatrician will write to you the prescription on food for a month in which the structure and quantity of the received food will be specified. Also number which you will need to call at each visit of dairy kitchen will be assigned to you. This number is fixed also in the medical record of the child.

3. It is possible to address for the recipe on receiving food every month to the 25th.

4. After obtaining the recipe carry it on dairy kitchen which treats your site. The recipe from you will be taken away. Further at each visit you will call the number and to receive the food put to you.

5. Pay attention to working hours of dairy kitchen. Usually delivery of products is made early in the morning, once in two days. Often, if you receive only milk, it is possible to come once in five days.

6. In certain cases it is possible to agree from pediatricians about replacement of any given points in the list of the given products. For example, if your child eats cottage cheese with pleasure, and here on whole milk at it an allergy, ask the pediatrician whether there is an opportunity to replace milk with an additional portion of cottage cheese. Happens that the doctor has an opportunity to meet requirements of you.

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