How to recover the fresh relations

How to recover the fresh relations

The romanticism of a rose and candy stage gradually disappears, and the long settled relations often bring already less bright emotions. Such transformation is normal, however you should not slide in a routine. Try to recover the fresh relations.


1. Earlier, gathering for dates, you could stand for hours in front of the mirror, choosing a dress, and, having met, walked in the most beautiful parks and sat at tables in original coffee shops? If now when you live together, the most part of your life passes in walls of the apartment which is modestly arranged still with your grandmother, no wonder, that you will feel sometimes as in your life there are not enough paints. Make the housing such that you wanted to spend time there. It is not obligatory to buy expensive furniture headsets if it was not in your plans. Re-stick wall-paper, replace curtains, throw with an original cloth a table, and your apartment will change. Think also of a bed – you there not only you sleep, but also you indulge in rough passion. Make a canopy, buy a set of magnificent bed linen. In a beautiful decor the life will seem to you brighter.

2. Gathering for work, you put on clean and beautiful clothes, do a hair, impose a make-up, and, having returned, get into the old faded jacket and shorts couple sizes bigger. It turns out that in all beauty you show yourself to colleagues and friends, and you appear at the spouse in not the most presentable look. There is a set beautiful and at the same time comfortable clothes. And periodically you can arrange role-playing games, putting on for darling the stewardess or the strict boss.

3. At the beginning of the relations the lovers try to please each other in an occasion and without that, give gifts and make sometimes reckless, but romantic acts. To draw under a window on asphalt love messages or to spend a half of the family budget for flowers optional, but take in a habit to please the darling not only in New Year and its birthday. Order to it in office delivery of a favourite dish, record for it the song and send it if you consider that to sing serenades under a window – it is frivolous. Trifles, like a tie, fragrant shower gel or a charm will not force you to spend a lot of money for keys, but the similar attention will be pleasant to your half.

4. The joint trip will help to recover the fresh relations. It is not important where you will go – to expensive resort or to the next forest with a tent. The main thing that you will distract from work and a house routine which took you so much time, and devote it each other. Also be engaged in planning together: choose hotel, develop an optimum route, look for sights which by all means should be visited. In a travel anticipation you will feel uneasy lovers again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team