How to reduce pressure at the child

How to reduce pressure at the child

There was a time when the hypertension was considered as the disease characteristic of people of advanced years. However today it became known, as children suffer from this illness.


1. Put the child on a bed, the person on a pillow. Let will a little curve a neck. Take 2 cubes of ice and apply them (from two parties) to the sticking most out vertebra. You hold ice until thaws. Then apply on the cooled site of skin any oil and quickly, but carefully pound. This it is possibleway to reduce pressure not more often than once in three days.

2. Cook for the kid fresh beet, garlic and fennel salad. Fill salad with crude sunflower oil. Instead of beet it is possible to use beet leaves (they contain twice more vitamin C 1.5 times more folic acid). Let eats it within 6 months once a day.

3. Take 1 glass of berries of a rowan. Carefully wash out them, then knead. Add liter of water and put on fire. Let's mix boil 5 minutes. After that filter broth. In the received liquid dissolve 2 tablespoons of honey and put to the cold place for 4-5 days. Give a medicine to the child 2 times a day on 0.5 glasses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team