How to refuse night feedings

How to refuse night feedings

Chest feeding of the child has a set of advantages before artificial. Here and advantage for health, and immunity. Also it promotes establishment of close psychological connection between mother and the kid. Sometimes night feeding turns into a burden. Because of need several times in a night to rise to the child, the woman is tired, tests a constant sleep debt, is irritated.


1. Do not listen to councils of mothers and grandmothers: "Let will shout. Do not approach, do not give a breast. Will cry - will calm down!" It is very doubtful way as it can do harm to mentality of the kid and cause a serious neurologic disease in the future. If the child is younger than year, try it to feed densely shortly before a dream. Then the most part of night its organism will digest food.

2. If frequent prosypaniye of the child are connected at night with the fact that he cuts teeth, apply special gel on gums. It reduces the naggers and a pain syndrome.

3. Try to pay more attention to the child in the afternoon. Frequent prosypaniye can happen at night because in the afternoon the kid just did not play enough with mom, did not feel her presence. Therefore at any opportunity you carry the child on hands, touch him, talk.

4. If the child is more senior than year, he already begins to understand the words of the adult. Therefore he can be calmed also without night feeding. When he wakes up with crying or just hnykany, try to start talking to it by a low, tender voice: "More quietly, more quietly, I nearby, I am with you, there is nothing to be afraid". Try to rock to sleep, without giving a breast. As a rule, through some time it begins to work, the kid demands a breast more and more seldom and quicker and quicker falls asleep.

5. It is very important that the woman though sometimes was substituted by the husband. The child at this age wakes up, mainly, not for feeding but because something disturbed him. Dad can replace mom with success, rocking to sleep the kid and singing it lullabies. And the child will quickly get used that can be filled up at night and without breast milk. But, certainly, if the kid persistently continues to cry, mom should rise and feed him.

6. Often the child wakes up at night as he in a phase of a superficial dream did not feel presence of mother. Putting the child to bed, stay with him at least 20-30 minutes nearby and only then quietly leave. In this case the kid, feeling presence of mom, will fall asleep more strong.

7. If you decided to disaccustom the kid to night feedings, do it gradually, reducing the number of approaches to a minimum. At the small child the sosatelny reflex is developed therefore at night he can demand a sucking subject. Try to give it a pacifier, perhaps, he will calm down and will fall asleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team