How to refuse the adopted child

How to refuse the adopted child

Refusal of the adopted child - rather difficult and long legal proceedings. Therefore before adopting children of one of spouses or the child taken from orphanage it is necessary to think well.

It is required to you

  • - copy of the document on adoption;
  • - copy of the passport of the adoptive father;
  • - copy of the birth certificate of the child.


1. Define whether there are bases for cancellations adoptions child. Main reasons for unconditional cancellation of adoption are as follows: - the adoptive father is an alcoholic or the addict (and it is confirmed officially by the medical certificate); - the adoptive father cruelly addresses about adoption. If any of the above-designated reasons does not take place, then chances of cancellation of adoption decrease. It is possible to cancel adoption and for other reasons. It is important to prove their gravity and relevance. Remember that first of all the court considers interests, and sometimes and opinion of the child.

2. Appeal to court or to guardianship authority with the statement for adoption cancellation. Enclose the copy of the document on adoption, the copy of the passport and the copy of the birth certificate of the child to the application. Besides, also other documents can be necessary (for example, the medical certificate). In case of a divorce one of spouses can file a petition for adoption cancellation if for this purpose there are bases. The consent of other spouse to cancellation of adoption can play a positive role at adjudication.

3. Use the help of the qualified lawyer having experience in similar affairs. It will help to collect necessary proofs that will increase your chances of adoption cancellation. If the court grants your application, then in three-day time the extract from the judgment will be sent to department the REGISTRY OFFICE where cancellation of adoption will be registered. At the same time other surname and a middle name can be appropriated to the child, or these data will remain invariable to the discretion of the court and at the request of the child.

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