How to register in kindergarten online

How to register in kindergarten online

For convenience and saving of time in Moscow the service of signing up of the child in kindergarten through an electronic system "Completing of preschool educational institution" is provided. Such opportunity is available to parents since October 1, 2010. With its help it is possible not only to write down the child in a garden right after obtaining the birth certificate, but also to keep track of turn of the movement of the kid in preschool institution.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of the representative of the child (one of parents or trustee);
  • - document on registration of the child;
  • - the document confirming a privilege for definition of the child in preschool educational institution (if that is available).


1. To write down the child in a garden online, visit the website of the electronic commission, find the Instruction for Registration tab, attentively get acquainted with the presented preschool institutions and a model of filling of a registration form.

2. Click on the link "fill an application form". Then the page in the bottom of which it is possible to see the offer to fill the first registration form will open. In it it is necessary to provide the login, to specify the e-mail address and personal data of the representative of the child. After this registration it will be offered to choose an application form on receiving the place in kindergarten: constant or temporary (if parents plan further moving, for example).

3. After the choice of an application form "will come up" a window with instructions which it is also necessary to study attentively, and then it is correct to fill the main registration, having specified these birth certificates of the child, the personal data, data on privileges if those are available. Choose and specify preschool educational institution. Having chosen the necessary district and the area in a drop-down list, find in the left list in advance chosen gardens, at clique on it, in the right window your choice and the offer to make priority any given establishment will be displayed. In total it is possible to choose up to three preschool educational institutions, having made priority only one. Specify estimated time in which you consider, the child will start going to a garden (since two years, from three, four).

4. After successful registration the code which needs to be written down or remembered for obtaining information on the movement of the child in an electronic queue is assigned for the user.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team