How to register in maternity hospital

How to register in maternity hospital

According to the modern legislation, the woman has the right to independently choose maternity hospital. At the same time it is desirable to sign the prenatal record at the chief physician of the chosen medical institution in advance.

It is required to you

  • prenatal record, passport.


1. Last months pregnancies some women are puzzled with a question of the choice of maternity hospital. Each future mom has the right to choose medical institution according to own preferences. Talk to your gynecologist at whom you are observed. Perhaps, the doctor will make to you certain recommendations.

2. If the gynecologist from clinic for women offers you a certain medical institution, ask it to write out the corresponding direction. It becomes possible last weeks of term. Recommendations of this sort can be connected with state of your health or health of the kid. For example, at the existing threat of an otsloyka of a placenta you can be directed to childbirth in the modern perinatal center equipped with the expensive equipment.

3. If you decided to choose maternity hospital to which the clinic for women visited by you is attached there is no need to sign the prenatal record in advance. At the right time just come to childbirth. The staff of institution will be obliged to provide you medical care in the presence at all of you necessary documents. Visit maternity hospital in advance in case you want to sign the contract for conducting childbirth by a certain doctor, or you wish to use other paid services.

4. If you decided to select maternity hospital not in the place of a registration, and according to personal preferences, or according to the recommendation of the doctor, visit this medical institution in 2-3 weeks prior to estimated date of childbirth. Take the prenatal record and the identity document. If you is still not final decided on maternity hospital, ask someone from personnel to show you patrimonial and postnatal chambers, ask all questions interesting you.

5. After a choice is made finally, see the chief physician of maternity hospital and ask it to sign your prenatal record. It will serve as a guarantee that at the right time you will be able to accept and render you all necessary help in a rodorazresheniye. If you do not think of it in advance, you can not put in the chosen maternity hospital because of lack of available seats. Such option of succession of events is possible if at the time of your appeal to medical institution nothing threatens your health and health of your kid.

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