How to register the child to the ex-husband

How to register the child to the ex-husband

An opportunity to register the child on a living space of the ex-husband depends on the one to whom it belongs (to the ex-spouse, someone else or is municipal) and whether the child is among owners of the apartment.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passports of parents;
  • - consent of mother to a registration (on a situation);
  • - property right confirmation;
  • - consent to a registration to the municipal apartment of all minors which are already registered in it;
  • - statement for registration at the place of residence.


1. It is the simplest if the child possesses a share in the apartment or he is among its owners when finding that in joint property. In this case anybody's consent will definitely not be required. At the place of residence mother fills in the application form for its registration itself as his legal representative. And it is more of nothing, except the birth certificate of the child and documentary confirmation of its right for property, it is required. Unless can ask the reference that it is not registered at mother.

2. If the owner of the privatized apartment is the father of the child or he at least in it is registered, his consent not to avoid in any way. If he not against, and to the child is less than 14 years, opinion of other residents, including the owner of the apartment, nobody will ask. On this case will be required the statement of the ex-spouse for registration of the child to it to the apartment, the consent of mother and confirmation that the child is not registered at it (or an extract from a former living space along with registration on new).

3. In the municipal apartment the consent of all full age who is registered in it, and relationship confirmation (passport of the father and the birth certificate of the child) will be required.

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