How to register the newborn child

How to register the newborn child

Behind long months of expectation full of alarms and hopes. Behind disturbing moment of the birth of the new person. Behind hospital walls and solemn discharge from maternity hospital. You houses where everything was ready to appearance of the kid long ago. Relatives cannot wait to see the newborn and to find in him the lines. On family council the final decision concerning a name of the child is made, and this decision to legalize is necessary now, having processed the first document of the kid.

It is required to you

  • Passports of parents, the certificate on marriage (if marriage is registered), the reference from maternity hospital.


1. Address in the REGISTRY OFFICE in the place registrationsof parents or in the place birthsof child. If parents are registered in different areas or districts, it is possible to address in any of two REGISTRY OFFICES. If you consist in a legal marriage, then for registration of the child one of parents suffices. The parents living in a civil marriage should go to the REGISTRY OFFICE together.

2. Fill in the application form for registration of the child. The law allocates for you on it month from the moment of the child's birth. Then the child, of course, too will be registered, but it is necessary to go to maternity hospital again and to receive repeatedly the certificate of the birth because period of validity of this medical document only a month.

3. Check correctness of filling of the birth certificate with the employee of the REGISTRY OFFICE. Whether the name and date of birth of the kid are correctly specified? Whether were mistaken in writing of names of mom and dad? It is unlikely parents of the newborn have excess time then to change the document because of others typos.

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