How to register the newborn child to the apartment online

How to register the newborn child to the apartment online

After appearance of the child the parents should process a set of documents. It is important to register or register the child at the place of residence on time, otherwise it is necessary to pay a penalty.

It is required to you

  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - certificate on the property right to the apartment;
  • - Internet access.


1. Today parents have an opportunity to significantly reduce time for registration of registration of the child in the apartment. It is possible to transfer documents to FMS online. For this purpose it is necessary to have the account on the website of state services.

2. It is possible to submit documents for registration right after obtaining the birth certificate (details of this document will be required when filling statements). On obtaining the birth certificate the parents have a month, otherwise it is necessary to pay a penalty.

3. To start registration come on the Portal of public services into the section Federal Migration Service-" registration at the place of residence". Press the blue button "Receive Service".

4. Start filling of the questionnaire on registration. In the section "Applicant's Type" note the "I Am a Legal Representative of the Minor" point. Further – whom you have to the child: mother or father.

5. Fill out your personal data: Full name, date of birth, floor, contact address and phone. Further it is required to specify passport data (series and the document number, date of issue, the subdivision code and when it is given out).

6. Personal data of the recipient of service are specified in the section the information about the child (the phone number and mail you can specify the). Fill details of the birth certificate.

7. Concerning existence of constant registration and removal from account still answer the residence questions negatively. Fill the address to which the child will be registered.

8. You will choose type of housing stock: state, municipal or private property and also basis for your accommodation. It can be the certificate on the property right, the contract of a sotsnaym, the judgment or other bases.

9. Specify whether the child has other nationality. It is required to specify the additional information about the child in the questionnaire: the main reason for resettlement (arrival to parents), existence of work (did not work), (had) no social security, education (without education), a state in marriage (she is not married, is not married).

10. You will choose division for submission of originals of documents. You need to give the consent to processing of personal data and to press the blue Send button.

11. The website of state services allows to file only documents to the Office of the Federal Migration Service, but registration of the child will require personal presence of parents. However thanks to the portal it will be possible to come to registration body in due time and to start registration of a registration without turn. The notice of the invitation to reception with the indication of the place and time will come to you by phone or to the e-mail address.

12. If parents live in common, then any of them can process documents. In case the father and mother of the child are registered in different places, then personal presence both will be required at registration of registration in FMS. One of them will need to write the consent to cohabitation of the child with mother (father).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team