How to reject harassments of the chief

How to reject harassments of the chief

People spend not all working hours on performance of affairs. They communicate, enter into the friendly relations, fall in love, flash from passion. But it is far simpler to besiege the colleague who was smitten with love for you, than to refuse to the chief on whom your future depends.


1. It is often difficult to distinguish sticking from usual attention and participation. The woman can consider that the chief kindly treats her, and the chief will stay in full confidence that his courtings are pleasant to the lady. Not to give to the man false hopes, stop any actions of the boss which are unpleasant to you. Kisses at a meeting, enclasping for a waist – if such way of a greeting, in your opinion, oversteps the limits, ask the chief not to do so and enter other ritual – shake hands with the chief or do playful kniksen at a meeting.

2. Try to discuss only neutral subjects with the chief, or carry on a talk about work. Politely, but persistently curtail an intimate talk, refuse invitations to descend somewhere together even if it is, at first sight, absolutely innocent walk on the park or a meeting in cafe. In this case the quick-witted chief will refuse plans to get acquainted closer with you.

3. Let the chief and colleagues know that you have darling. Ask your partner (if there is no that at the moment, start up his role the friend or the brother will play) to meet you after work. Call a lunch break to the man and lovely chat with it, having told it a heap of tender words and having adjusted plans for evening, at the same time not too disappearing from the boss. Put its photo on a desktop and if to ask you about that, you say that you are happy in private life.

4. Do not accept gifts from the chief. Tell that to you it is awkward, you will uncomfortably feel if the chief begins to spend for you money, colleagues for certain will envy that you got a gift, and you do not want quarrels in collective.

5. If the persistent chief does not understand hints, he is not confused by presence at you of the constant young man, firmly speak "no". Bitter words can be sweetened with reminders that you respect the boss as the head, he is an excellent professional, it is pleasant to you to work with it. You are afraid for the further career – remind the chief that for such clever and skilled person your insignificant quarrel for certain will not become an obstacle for further fruitful work.

6. Unfortunately, the vindictive men ready for everything meet to achieve the girl. Blackmail, promises to deprive of you a workplace and to make such letter of recommendation which will not allow you to find other job can be put to use. In this case you have two exits: to bring together witnesses from colleagues and to appeal to court, or to begin to look for new work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team