How to relieve pain at childbirth: 5 ways

How to relieve pain at childbirth: 5 ways

At the vast majority of women the childbirth is associated not only with miracle of appearance of the kid on light, but also with obligatory "attribute" - intolerable pain. However there are several ways to give rise almost without pain, without having done much harm at the same time to either itself, or the child.

The intolerable pain at childbirth which is complicating all process and quite often leading to injuries of mother and kid is not obligatory at all as it is considered to be. Certainly, it is improbable to give birth to the child in the natural way and completely without pain, but nevertheless in your forces to make so that this important event took place smoothly and left only pleasant impressions.

1. Learn to breathe correctly.

Many obstetricians note that 95% of women in labor are not able to breathe during the fights and attempts at all, than significantly complicate the course of process. Master the correct breath in advance that at midpoint of nothing to forget. So, during the fights at the initial stage it is recommended to take a deep breath through a nose and the same exhalation through a mouth. When fights become more frequent, connect so-called breath like a dog. The stable potupleniye of oxygen in lungs considerably will relieve pain and will help your kid to move ahead on patrimonial ways.

2. Positive spirit. The fear of childbirth has so negative impact on their current that it is difficult to overestimate its harmful effect. The wrong spirit disturbs the normal course of childbirth and is capable to provoke a set of dangerous consequences - from hypertensive crisis to a sharp hypoxia of a fruit. Try to keep positive mood throughout all pregnancy and mentally train yourself for easy childbirth without complications. Obtain more information on all stages of this important process, read to a story about successful childbirth, discuss your disorders with the gynecologist and listen to reasonable arguments which will help to overcome fear.3. Learn to relax. During patrimonial activity the uterus carries out serious work, gradually revealing. However pain arises at all not because of it as in the uterus there are not a lot of the nervous terminations. Muscular tension - here that delivers to the woman of suffering. The woman in labor needs to have a rest not only between fights, but also to be able to relax during them. Present the body the blossoming flower, give the chance to your bodies to reveal, and you will surely lighten during the fight.4. Choose an optimum pose for fights. When contractions become dostochno painful, try to look for an optimum pose which will help to minimize pain. You can lie on one side, get up or on all fours, go, squat. The choice of situation is based only on your subjective feelings. Moderate physical activity will help a uterus to reveal quicker and will facilitate process of a course of childbirth.5. Use an aromatherapy. Natural essential oils - a great way to relieve patrimonial pain. Their most effective application - in an aromatic lamp or as supportive application for massage of a waist, temples and a solnechy texture. Best of all in this case essential oils of a lavender, jasmine, not role, a ylang-ylang will approach. It is very important that these smells were pleasant to you and did not cause allergies therefore test their impact on the organism even before pregnancy.

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