How to remember names of months

How to remember names of months

Training of the child - process laborious, but fascinating and interesting. Understanding of months and seasons is very important for further training, production of a concept of the schedule and skills of distribution of time.


1. Children have associative thinking. They cannot remember the majority of abstract concepts. Children need to connect them with somehow. Therefore for descriptive reasons make the game ""Seasons"". Take a big clean sheet of paper and line it on twelve squares - four rows on three cages. Paint each row in the color. Winter - in blue, spring - in green, summer - in yellow or red, autumn - in orange. Explain to the child why chose these colors for what reason they are associated with any given season.

2. While the game field dries, make cards. Cut out twelve squares, the same size as squares in the field. Take magazines or pictures from the Internet. On each card write the name of month, and then cut out suitable pictures and paste them on cards. There can be not only pictures of the nature, but also the food, vegetables or fruit corresponding to a season or the clothes suitable by the time of a year. Also on each card draw the small thermometer and note on it the average temperature of month. It is possible to look at data on the Internet or the textbook of biology or geography. Try to tell the child as much as possible nuances about every month that it in detail presented season and month in the imagination.

3. Turn cards a shirt up and pull out on one. Let the child have them in the field and tries to tell on the memory as much as possible of month. You also participate in a game. You can call several times month incorrectly, let's the child you correct. Then ask the child when he has birthday, in what month when birthdays of relatives and big holidays. Subscribe them to cards. When you understand that the child remembered names of months and a game bored him, it is possible to paste cards to the field or to attach them the stapler and to hang up on a wall that the field always was before eyes and reminded the child about months and seasons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team