How to remove crusts on the head of the baby

How to remove crusts on the head of the baby

Care of hair of the newborn begins with the first bathing when the kid is completely washed including the head. But even thorough leaving is not capable to prevent formation of crusts on the head of the baby. And, in spite of the fact that they do not cause it particular problems, pediatricians recommend them to delete.

It is required to you

  • - sterile vegetable oil;
  • - frequent comb;
  • - gauze and kerchief.


1. Crusts on the headof at the baby represent seboreyny plaques. Quite often they merge and form a scab. Indifferently it can cover long time head skin and interfere with its breath and growth of hair. And because of a leaky adherence of edges of scales in them the pathogenic microorganisms causing an unpleasant smell and irritation on skin begin to breed soon.

2. To avoid unpleasant consequences of this natural state pediatricians recommend to clean off crusts on the head of the baby. But as skin of newborns very gentle, it is worth observing care and the sequence – softening, and then removal.

3. You carry out the procedure of removal of crusts on the head of the baby in two hours prior to bathing better. On a hairy part of the head plentifully oil the place of formation of crusts sterile vegetable. Apply a gauze napkin to this site or cover with a cotton pad. Tie a kerchief on the head and leave it for two hours.

4. Further start comb-out of the softened crusts. Use for this purpose a fine-tooth comb. Then redeem the child and wash the head with detergent – children's soap or shampoo. Also comb out the new crusts formed later bathings the crest (which is washed out from oil).

5. If the kid has few hair or they short, then delete crusts by means of a gauze. For this purpose wind a forefinger with one layer and in the direction in front-back the cleaning-off movements carefully pick up crusts. Change the gauze impregnated with oil as dry is more effective. Further also comb out them a fine-tooth comb then wash the head of the kid.

6. Removal of crusts on the head of the baby can take several days. It depends on their quantity. Do not use any sharp objects for removal of crusts. Do not press a crest on head skin. Perform all procedure carefully.

7. Quite often emergence of crusts arises repeatedly. Keep the same sequence of their removal in all subsequent times.

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