How to remove cubes

How to remove cubes

It is known that toys take a lot of place. If the children's room small, or it in general is combined with the parental bedroom, this problem is particularly acute. Probably, nobody wants to step on the toys scattered about the room regularly. Besides it is fraught with falling and getting injured. Today we will talk about how to remove cubes.


1. Cubes – favourite nursery toy. They are wooden, plastic and soft foam, sheathed by fabric. The last, of course, constitute the minimum danger. But what to do with the scattered wooden and plastic cubes? First of all, it is necessary to accustom the kid to remove the toys. If he is still very small and itself is not able to do it, you need to do it surely every day in the presence of the child, at the same time pronouncing, what are you doing.

2. Wooden often are on sale in cardboard boxes. Small boxes, it is not necessary to throw out them. Put cubes in a box, and hide a box under a bed, in a table or put on a regiment. In general in the children's room it is expedient to make more shelves – on them conveniently to place toys and other objects of children's use.

3. Plastic cubes most often are on sale in plastic bags or plastic bags. Bags are rather strong, they and can be used for storage of cubes. Remove a bag with cubes in a free corner or put on a case bottom. As for plastic bags, they quickly become useless. And here big boxes will be useful – from under diapers or household appliances. In order that the type of a box fitted into a room interior, it can be pasted over with the same wall-paper, as in the room or on the contrary to approach creatively – to paste over with drawings, amusing pictures, to make applique – everything what your imagination will be enough for.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team