How to remove the block from chakras

How to remove the block from chakras

If the person is weakened, gloomy, often is ill and in one business begun by him cannot achieve success, it is possible to say that it has blocks on one or several chakras with confidence. It is necessary to deal with what became the reason of their emergence and to get rid of them, otherwise the quality of human life and will remain unsatisfactory.

Psychics and bio-energetics which can by means of the third eye located to see in a forehead not only physical but also thin human bodies, demonstrate that everyone has 7 power centers – so-called chakras. Regardless of that, the person believes in their existence or not, their normal work is necessary for its comfortable location in society. If chakra is overexcited or, on the contrary, is oppressed, or on it there are any given blocks, it will surely affect negatively human life, some of spheres.

How blocks on chakras are formed?

Each of chakras is responsible for certain aspects of human life, and lower three – for material spheres, and top – for spiritual. The first chakra is responsible for safety of the person and for his comfortable stay anywhere; it is blocked if the person feels fear. The second chakra is responsible for ability with the person to derive pleasure from life, and it is blocked by despondency and sense of guilt. The third chakra is a success of the person in society, it symbolizes the power and force of its intention and is blocked when it is a shame to the person – with itself or with someone else.

The fourth chakra, it warm, allows the person to love and broadcast the love to the world; the block on it puts grief. The fifth chakra is responsible for manifestation of the person in the world, his eloquence and talents, and is blocked in case he lies. The sixth chakra in the normal state provides sharpness of mind and in the answer for all thought processes of the person; it is blocked by a state when the person lives past or future, without wishing to be "here and now". The seventh chakra symbolizes a unification human and divine, and at the vast majority of people it is blocked.

How it is possible to remove blocks on chakras?

Through the blocked chakras the normal course of vital energy is broken. In principle, any power practice, whether it be Hatha yoga, chi kung or melt-chi, it is directed to that gradually and carefully to remove blocks on chakras, and to restore normal power exchange in a human body. In general, the regular physical activity highly affects a condition of the power centers of the person. Removal of blocks from chakras and their cleaning are possible with use of the exorcized salt – in this case the sacks sewed from cotton fabric with table salt over which the special plot is read, are placed for the night under a sheet of the person to whom cleaning becomes. At the same time he has to lay down on a back so that each of sacks appeared under a projection of one of seven chakras: on small knots with salt there have to be a tailbone, a sacrum, a waist, interscapular space, a neck, the head and the top of the head of the person. For several nights, salt will extend all negative from chakras, and then sacks can be destroyed. If blocks on chakras "fresh", that is appeared rather recently, it is possible to remove them with use of crude egg. Break it in glass with water and you hold about three minutes near each chakra, since lower, reading at the same time to "Pater Noster". Upon termination of the procedure pour out contents of a glass in a toilet bowl, and break a glass and throw out that nobody used it from now on.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team