How to remove to the child of a snivel

How to remove to the child of a snivel

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Cold at the small child - torture not only to the kid, but also his mom and all surrounding. This misfortune does not allow the kid to sleep peacefully, but not the well-rested child brings an array of problems in life. Besides, thanks to cold, there can be both cough and then life will definitely not seem paradise.


1. To get rid of this disaster it is difficult, but it is possible. Kids usually cannot Vysmarkivat a nose either, or do not want. And it is necessary. If it is not difficult to you to suck away before going to bed snivels a mouth, be only not overzealous. It is also possible to suck away this opposite weight by means of small pear, the main thing is not to wound at the same time a gentle small nose. And after the procedure dig breast milk if is. If is not present, then physical solution As this simplest means, it is possible to drip each hour even on half of pipettes in each nostril, it cannot be overdosed.

2. To children is more senior than half a year it is possible to dig in kalanchoe juice in a nose then they begin to sneeze and all troubles at the same time take off. It is also possible to use the divorced beet juice, or lethal means from mix, in equal parts, juice of onions, water and vegetable oil. In breaks between burying a nose it is possible to grease mucous with aloe juice. Medical bathtubs are also good. Use herbs: a calendula, a leaf of a birch, a yarrow and a sage, in equal parts. On a big bathtub it is necessary 50gr. mixes, and on a children's bath 25gr. In a bathtub to pour out broth which previously it is necessary to infuse 2 hours in a thermos. It is necessary to take a bath with water temperature not less than 36-37 degrees not less than 20 minutes, within 5-10 days.

3. The warming ointments and tinctures with which the Piglet, wings of a nose and gaymorovy bosoms rubs give good effect. And to them ointments of a calendula and a St. John's wort, the doctor of MOM and Pulmex-bebi belong - only for heels and necktie area. The aromatherapy bears fruit too Use Tui's oil on 1-2 drops on a small posudinka with boiled water which should be put in the room where there is a child. Tea tree oil can be used only after half a year, it on 1 drop drip on a pillow before going to bed.

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