How to repair a wheel from a baby carriage

How to repair a wheel from a baby carriage

Baby carriages, unfortunately, sometimes break. Most often wheels fail. The new carriage because of such breakage does not want to be bought therefore parents try to improve situation somehow in a different way. But not everyone will be able to repair a wheel from a baby carriage independently.

Workshops on repair of baby carriages where it would be possible to repair the become useless wheel, are not much. They are not in some settlements simply. Parents willy-nilly should try to carry out repair independently. At first it is necessary to define a cause of defect. Most often it can be the punctured camera and sduty wheels. Such wheel needs to be removed, having pressed a lever in its center. After pressing the wheel easily slides off an axis. To get and examine the camera, at first it will be required to remove a tire. If there are no visible damages, they should be found – it can be done in different ways.

How to correct the punctured wheel

The camera should be inflated and lowered in a basin with water – from the punctured place bubbles will go. We get the camera, we note punctures a marker. It is possible to make and in a different way – to soap a surface and to look where soap bubbles. When the place of a puncture is established, we start repair. We cut out a patch from a piece of rubber. Surfaces before pasting have to be fat-free – for example, they can be wiped with gasoline. After that the place of a puncture and a patch should be greased with glue and to leave alone approximately for half an hour. Then the patch which grappled with the place of pasting already a little should be warmed up and pressed properly by means of a press. It is possible to inflate the camera approximately in a day. If after all there is no desire to potter with pasting independently, it is possible to try to address in any mounting.

Other damages

Extremely seldom, but there can be also such breakage as damage of the sleeve. Under a certain pressure the sleeve on which the wheel keeps can break or be deformed. Low-quality material can be guilty of it. Happens that the sleeve is a little erased – because that wheels are often removed to wash, and then put on back. At the same time the wheel begins "to slip" at the movement of a carriage, and it becomes not really convenient to roll it. For carriages it is possible to find the sleeve necessary to you in shops of spare parts, as a last resort it is necessary to look for the turner who will undertake to turn such among the acquaintances. If the wheel is deformed, it should not be corrected even when it seems possible. The rim of a wheel can be bent or the disk is broken. At the broken disk everything is clear – not to restore plastic. If the rim at a wheel metal, at curvatures it is tried to be curved to former situation. But it is better to buy a new wheel – it will hardly be possible to restore damaged to a former ideal form.

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