How to report to mom about pregnancy

How to report to mom about pregnancy

Sleepless nights in alarm and uncertainty behind: after survey and carrying out analyses the gynecologist reported to you that you are pregnant. Now everything in your life will be changed. How to report about this fact to mom? The first is your child or the third – information will be all the same unexpected. There are several social statuses of future mom at which and it is necessary to submit this information to mom differently.


1. The girl is married and expects to a perventsapriglasita mom to herself for Sunday lunch or just in the evening on a visit, and in this house cozy situation together with the husband report that you will have a kid soon. Lay up just in case droplets of a volokardin or other demulcent. Not each mom, though understanding married position of the daughter gives completely the report that her girl grew up already to such an extent when itself already becomes mom.

2. If couple lives far from parents and to invite mom on a visit for the message to it about a joyful event it will not turn out (other region, the city or the state), then it is quite possible to use possibilities of the Internet. By means of communication in Skype or by means of other programs at which it is possible to see the interlocutor joyfully and softly report to mom that she will become a grandmother soon. Important at such conversation to have visual contact as it is an additional factor of positive reaction of mother, she sees that the daughter is happy and made the decision on preservation of the kid. And what else is necessary for parents how not happiness of the child?

3. At impossibility of the two first ways just send to mom the detailed, quiet letter with the message about a happy event – your pregnancy.

4. It is possible to use service of telegraph and to send to future grandmother a telegram. Only previously count a situation to the most fine details, your sudden pregnancy can strongly affect health of mom both in positive, and in a negative side.

5. If the girl is not married, but future father of the child is going to connect with her the life, then costs before reporting to mom about pregnancy, to submit the application to bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE (it very much will please mom and will let it know that its daughter will have support and protection in the form of future spouse).

6. If registration of the relations is not in the closest plans of couple – just at the message to your mom about pregnancy be together with future father. It you will let know that the kid will have dad not "the unknown soldier", and this quite specific young man. And to the guy it will add "bonuses" in the opinion of your mom. Further you will understand on a situation.

7. When pregnancy unplanned and the father of future child is unknown or is not going to meet you even to see you once again and also to show itself - darling to the woman who will become the grandmother of his child do not despair. At any decision (to keep the kid or to interrupt pregnancy) quietly and without hysterics talk about it to the mom. For this purpose invite her to yourself home (if you live separately) or in the suitable evening in the general house report to her about desire to talk frankly, having warned that you want to discuss with it some news, very important for both of you. Ask mom to treat calmly everything that you are going to tell her – it will adjust her on the corresponding harmony and will let know scales of gravity of your intentions.

8. Be not afraid to report to mom about the pregnancy and in case you the minor girl. Only it is worth making it as soon as possible, there can be complications or threat of termination of pregnancy. And mom – the person who faithfully and selflessly loves you also will help always, you need support of the loved one. To the elect or one seriously talk to mom, let she will understand as responsibly you approach current situation and that you already felt the adult who is responsible for life of yet not born kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team