How to report to the child about pregnancy

How to report to the child about pregnancy

The message that in family the replenishment – joy for most of her members is expected except the senior child. A situation not simple, especially, if the second kid is expected. Appearance of the third younger family member takes place much more quietly.

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1. You should not hurry with the announcement of replenishment of your family if the firstborn is still rather small. Having learned that it shortly will have a brother or the sister, the kid will be nervous, expecting something unclear. Children badly are guided in time therefore months-long expectation can badly affect character of the firstborn. Postpone an explanation until that time when there is a tummy. And that the child did not suffer expectation, at once clear up concerning date of birth. It is desirable to date this date for an event which is already familiar to your child. To children is more senior it is already possible to tell that you badly feel. And that the firstborn did not worry about your health, it is necessary to explain that this normal phenomenon in waiting time of the brother or sister.

2. Do not deceive the child the attractive, but not real scenario of the future. You should not mislead the kid, saying what small will play with him, to love him. After you return from maternity hospital, the firstborn can be strongly disappointed. At once tell about what difficulties expect you. Explain that the kid will constantly require care and care, will take away a lot of your time. But make a reservation that these changes will not concern the attitude towards the senior child, just you will not be able to pay it as much attention how many now.

3. As often as possible touch in a conversation upon an emergence subject in family of the younger child. If at you is familiar with two children where the second child appeared recently.

4. During walks with the child, pay his attention to younger children. let him see what they helpless as they need care. If the firstborn – the girl, then you can play with her house.

5. When you prepare a dowry for future kid, take to do shopping the firstborn that he did not feel to himself pushed into the background. Let the senior child help to prepare the room for future brother / sister. Also not superfluous will be to involve the kid in your collecting in hospital.

6. When you return from hospital, celebrate birthday of the new family member, but do not forget to prepare a gift and for the firstborn. That your senior child did not feel left, allow it to look after younger. Only it is not necessary to insist that the firstborn did not feel obliged.

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