How to report to the teenager about a divorce

How to report to the teenager about a divorce

If parents decided to divorce, it is necessary to present a sad message to the teenager correctly. How it is correct to make it?


1. The main thing, do not shelve a conversation. The child, as nobody feels changes in the relations of parents and the general tension in family. Do not force the child to worry long about it and to pine from uncertainty. Than quicker the teenager finds and will digest information, there it is better.

2. The teenager can already tell about the real causes of a divorce. You proceed from the personal experiences. The father, mother, or at once both are unhappy together, marriage and joint life brings only negative emotions. All family members have to be happy, the child will not be able to feel joy and comfort if both parents are unhappy.

3. Be not frightened too impassioned reaction from the teenager. Give him time to digest information, to get over, cool down. Sometimes better the child will pour out the emotions at once, than will be closed in himself and will be aloof.

4. Try that unpleasant divorce proceedings, took place as it is possible more softly for the teenager. You should not sort out at it the relations, to swear, do not arrange the open section of property. Try to save the child from excess experiences. The more quietly there will take place process of a divorce, the easier the child will transfer it and will be able quicker to reconcile to a new state of affairs.

5. Later quietly explain to the child as further life will look. About an opportunity to visit the parent who lives separately. About joint duties, control and so on. Knowing as the situation is and what to wait of the future for, the teenager will quicker get used and adapts to a new way of life.

6. Having learned about a divorce of parents, the teenager can rebel, threats and all manipulations to demand from parents to improve the relations and to stay together. Do not focus attention to similar attacks of the teenager, it is better not to react verbally, and in every possible way to take care and love, to approach to embrace to kiss the teenager.

7. Before a conversation with the child, try to calm down and get it together. Hysterics and tears can disturb the teenager outright. Do not do so that the child endured even more, you are necessary to him as support, and seeing a depression of parents, the child can think what to count there is nobody and to become reserved, together with all the feelings and experiences.

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