How to restore a lactation after a break

How to restore a lactation after a break

The nursing mother giving to the child all the best through the milk is estimable. But how to be if mother had to interrupt breastfeeding for some time? Whether it is possible easily and in kartchayshy terms to renew a lactation?


1. Put the child to a breast as often as possible. Stimulating mother's breast with sosatelny movements, the kid can independently adjust development of milk at mother. To accelerate process, it is necessary to put the kid according to his slightest requirement, even on couple of drinks.

2. Do massage and exercises for mammary glands. Massing and warming up a breast, you not only prevent emergence of a laktostaz, but also will be able to regulate development of milk. For massage it is the best of all to use castor oil, and before the procedure - it is obligatory to wash up a breast with soap.

3. Eat the products increasing a lactation. Reconsider the flavoring preferences. You should not try to eat more, but it is necessary to diversify the diet after all. For the strengthened lactation daily eat not less than 200 gr meat, 250 gr milk or kefir and also carrots, rice, hazelnuts, radish, currant.

4. Drink more liquid. Per day the organism of the nursing mother has to receive not less than 2-3 liters of liquid. Not only water, but also soups or, for example, special teas for stimulation of a lactation can become this liquid. Teas with a sea-buckthorn or ginger, broths of a dogrose or melissa will be ideal options.

5. Before feeding take a hot shower. If the child lacks milk, then before the procedure of breastfeeding it is possible to try to take a hot shower or to simply impose a hot compress on a mammary gland. Heat will provide inflow of milk to chest gland.

6. Observe the correct day regimen. Attentively reconsider a daily routine. Try to get enough sleep and to walk more in the fresh air since very often the lactation is oppressed because of constant nedosypaniye.

7. Exclude a stress. Stop worrying on the fact that breastfeeding returns to normal not so quickly, kind of you wanted it. Sometimes the stress can kill any possibility of an organism of mother to a relaktation at all. Anyway, first of all the cheerful and satisfied mother, than your negative emotions is necessary for the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team