How to restore breast milk

How to restore breast milk

Maternal milk is necessary for the newborn the same as air. And no other food up to 4-5 months is capable to provide the kid with the balanced list of all of substances, useful to development. Therefore at the first signs of insufficient development of milk it is necessary to take all possible measures urgently.


1. About insufficient development of milk it is possible to understand on concern of the kid after feeding. The search reflex (after carrying out by a finger on a cheek, the kid a mouth pulls towards "an estimated breast") is characteristic of the hungry child. Besides, the malnourished child poorly grows fat.

2. Development of breast milk is influenced by many factors – a current pregnanciesof and food during it, the postponed diseases and specific features of the structure of mammary glands. But most often the lactation (development of milk) is favored by early applying to a breast (right after the birth), good nutrition of mom and regular decantation after and between feedings.

3. During the first hours after the birth the kid needs not enough milk. However when it will need the full-fledged volume of food, the mammary gland has to produce necessary quantity already. For this purpose it is necessary to decant several times a day milk, even its scanty volume which will gradually increase to more significant amount.

4. Emergence of milk should not lull vigilance of the feeding mom as it is capable to disappear also quickly, as well as appeared. And restoration of breast milk takes certain time. That to avoid it, after each feeding it is necessary to be decanted by a breast completely until the mammary gland does not become soft and empty to the touch.

5. To increase development of milk, it is necessary to put often the kid to a breast (about 8 times a day). After feedings and between them completely decant milk. It stimulates work of channels of a mammary gland and raises a lactation. For half an hour before each feeding drink a half-glass of sweet drink – rather weak tea, compote or juice. During the day eat enough proteinaceous food – milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese and meat. For restoration of breast milk it is useful to spend on drink within 8-10 days RR vitamin (nicotinic acid), on 1 dragee in 15-20 minutes before feeding.

6. Usually for a normal lactation of rather frequent decantation and good food. However if all taken measures do not yield desirable result, perhaps, decantation is carried out incorrectly or there are specific features interfering development of milk. In this case it is necessary to see a doctor.

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