How to restore breastfeeding

How to restore breastfeeding

The wise nature conceived so that the baby at first needs nobody, except mother. It both source of love, and heat source, and food source. But some women experience difficulties with establishing breastfeeding. And over time they notice that milk becomes less, and the kid cries with malnutrition. The only exit as it seems to them, the supplementary feeding is. But it is not necessary to hurry to transfer the child to mix, breastfeeding can be restored.


1. Drink as much as possible. It can be special grass collecting for improvement of a lactation or usual tea. The daily amount of the consumed liquid has to be not less than one and a half-two liters.

2. Remove all small bottles and nipples. Many think that a dummy - necessary attribute for any baby who will help to calm down and will satisfy a sosatelny reflex. But it not so. Nipples are thought up by the person for convenience... no, not the kid. Mothers! The modern woman is busy not only child care. As a rule, on her all life and even lies more. There is catastrophically not enough time to respond to each peep of the child. Therefore the woman also finds a way out in a dummy. Capture of a breast for sucking differs from capture of a pacifier. The kid gets used to a dummy and cannot correctly take a breast. As a result at him it is impossible to exhaust milk effectively.

3. Put the kid to a breast as often as possible. Hormone prolactin is responsible for development of milk. The more often there is a stimulation of a breast, the prolactin is produced more actively. And the amount of milk depends on its quantity. Even if at you in a breast as it seems to you, it is empty, it is all the same necessary to offer it to the child. Several sosatelny movements which he will make will promote production of prolactin.

4. Finish feeding the child from a spoon or from the syringe without needle. In spite of the fact that such feeding takes away a lot of time and tires mom, it sates the child, but at the same time does not allow to satisfy a sosatelny reflex. Therefore through some time the child will demand a breast and with pleasure will try something to exhaust from it. Even more convenient way to feed the hungry kid is the special system for feeding of SNS. The thinnest tubules which are fixed about mother's nipple depart from the container with mix. The child sucks a breast, and through tubules mix arrives. Plus of this system is that, despite artificial feeding, sucking of the kid stimulates a maternal breast. Therefore after a while milk at mom will become more, and the amount of the consumed mix will be reduced. Gradually the supplementary feeding can be removed absolutely, the kid also will not notice transition to full breastfeeding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team