How to restore regime of the child

How to restore regime of the child

Even in families where the day regimen is observed by all rather strictly, there are deviations. Moreover, such deviations are necessary for both adults, and children. Sometimes it is necessary to have a rest from once and for all established order. Most often forget about a day regimen on long holidays or in the summer when there is no wish to think when it is necessary to have dinner or be put to bed because around there is too much interesting. But holidays or a holiday come to an end, and it is necessary to be restored to a habitual regular life. And first of all it is necessary to accustom to regime of the child again.


1. If the rhythm of life got off on holidays, nothing terrible occurred. The child himself with pleasure will return to usual things. It is possible to restore the mode after the holiday in the same ways which you once accustomed the little fidget to a certain order. The positive relation both from its party, and with yours is necessary. Tell it that you come back to kindergarten or to school where it is waited by old friends and new toys and classes. Friends missed it, they much where visited and will surely tell about the summer adventures. Discuss with the child that he can tell the teacher and other children.

2. Restore the mode of a dream and wakefulness. It was possible to sleep in the morning and longer in the summer, and now it is necessary to get up early again. But at the same time it is necessary to get enough sleep therefore and it is necessary to go to bed early too. Begin with rise. The day before draw up the plan next day and explain why it is necessary to get up early. The plans can are visit of the doctor before school and kindergarten, interesting walk in familiar places or a trip there where the child wanted long ago. Planned it has to be made surely.

3. Try that day turned out interesting and saturated. If there are many impressions, in the evening you even should not try especially that the child went to bed. Be not upset if in the first evening you do not manage to restore habitual order of withdrawal for sleeping. You will make it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But to explain to the child why and tomorrow it is necessary to rise a bit earlier, it is all the same necessary.

4. Next day or every other day remind the child what needs to be done before withdrawal for sleeping. At the dacha or the grandmother not always had an opportunity to observe a certain order (though hygienic procedures need to be performed, of course, and in the summer). Choose the most interesting book which you will read before going to bed. Usually children with pleasure come back to a habitual vital rhythm, and they need absolutely small help.

5. If you have some more days before return to a garden or prior to school lessons, give to the child the chance most to remember in what time it is necessary to walk and what to give to quiet games, drawing or reading. If at him it not really turns out, offer in certain time occupation at choice. It is not necessary to duplicate school lessons at the same time, just give to the child the chance to alternate quiet classes to outdoor games. At timely change of activity he will be tired less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team