How to return a lactation

How to return a lactation

Very often there are situations when mom and the chest kid are forced to be separated some time for one reason or another. During separation the kid gets used to artificial feeding and at mom milk ceases to be developed. But after reunion with the child mom wants to transfer the kid to breastfeeding again. In such cases it is required to restore a normal lactation.


1. If mom resolved to restore a lactation, it should stock up with patience, time and some devices: a milk pump, a soft spoon that it was possible to finish feeding the child and a baby sling.

2. For a start it is necessary to restore warm contact with the kid. For this purpose it is necessary to organize carrying the child on hands and a joint dream. Even if earlier the child slept in a separate bed, for restoration of a lactation it is necessary to shift it to sleep near mom. In order that it was easier to carry the child on hands, such convenient adaptation as a baby sling will come to the rescue. Tactile stimulation which is reached thanks to touch of skin of the kid to mother's skin is very useful.

3. In order that the kid got used to the mom and fully felt contact with it, it is necessary that all the time while the lactation is restored, the child was looked after only by his mom.

4. As soon as the kid gets used to mom, and quietly there will be at her on hands so many times. How many it is necessary, it is possible to move further. Now it is necessary to change the way of receiving food which became for the child to habitual. It is necessary to remove a small bottle and to feed the kid from a soft spoon.

5. During feeding the kid has to be in a quiet state that process of feeding of a spoon took place successfully. Rocking, noise of the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner also affects the child soothingly. Perhaps, it will be required to stock up with patience, habitual tenor of life of the kid falls – took away a small bottle from him and force to eat from a spoon. And it is the real stress for the child.

6. Now it is possible to begin to offer the baby a breast. To help the child, it is possible to smear a nipple with mix for feeding. Let for a start the kid will just take a nipple lips and will make several sosatelny movements. The child can try to put a breast in a mouth during night sleep. Let for a start he will just get used to feeling of a breast in a mouth. Thereby mom will help to waken to natural desire of the kid to suck a breast.

7. At the same time it is necessary to stimulate development of milk. For this purpose it is necessary to decant a breast every three hours. For convenience it is better to use an electric milk pump. Besides decantations it is necessary to accept the means increasing a lactation. For example, it is possible to use anise infusion, cream with caraway seeds or nut milk.

8. Before feeding the child with mix, it is necessary to offer him a breast. Thus, it is possible to return without serious consequences the child to breastfeeding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team