How to return the child to a breast

How to return the child to a breast

There are situations when mom is forced to refuse breastfeeding in view of the fact that the child is ill and is far from her. Or the woman should use drugs incompatible with a lactation. The long break in feeding usually leads to fading of this important function. But the child can be returned to a breast, even later long time.

It is required to you

  • - laktatsionny tea;
  • - system of auxiliary feeding;
  • - baby sling.


1. To return a lactation and the child to a breast, private applyings are necessary. But the kid who got used to easy sucking from a small bottle quickly forgets that such mother's milk. It is impossible violently to force the child to take a breast at all. It can cause only negative reaction and will prevent to achieve desirable result. It is the best of all to offer a breast at night, the sleepy kid will better react to such innovation.

2. If the child agreed to suck at least sometimes a breast - a half of business is already made. Now it is necessary to return milk or to achieve its maximum quantity. First of all buy laktatsionny teas and drink more liquid. A breast even if there is no milk, it is necessary to decant each 2 hours, approximately 20 minutes. It will give a signal to an organism that it is necessary to renew a lactation.

3. That the child sucked a breast more actively, it is necessary to exclude from objects of its use of a dummy and a small bottle. But as there is no milk yet or it is not enough, it is necessary to continue to feed it with the adapted dairy mixes. For this purpose it is possible to use the system of additional feeding. It is a peculiar container where baby food is poured. Tubules which fasten to nipples depart from it. Such food imitates sucking from a breast. Mix does not flow itself, it should be got, and the breast is stimulated at this time that will lead to development of milk.

4. For increase in amount of milk it is necessary to be constantly near the kid. Ask the relatives that they temporarily performed homework for you. And you have to be as much as possible with the child. The contact skin is very important - to skin. For this purpose leave the child in one pampers and put on yourself a clothes minimum. It is one walk better to go with a baby sling, in that case the contact will not be broken. In it it is possible, it is imperceptible for people around, to give to the kid a breast.

5. After there is a milk, and the child will actively suck a breast, try to get rid of artificial feeding. Gradually replace each feeding with breast milk. Within at least one month have more a rest, it will help to establish a lactation. Do not offer the child of a small bottle and a dummy that he did not refuse a breast again.

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