How to reveal extra-uterine pregnancy

How to reveal extra-uterine pregnancy

Extra-uterine pregnancy (graviditas extrauterina) - pathology at which the impregnated ovum fastens and develops out of a uterus cavity. Among extra-uterine distinguish pipe, yaichnikovy and belly pregnancy. In 98% of cases the extra-uterine pregnancy is pipe (fetal egg is attached to a uterine tube). This pathology is life-threatening since there can be a rupture of a pipe which is followed by big blood loss. For this reason it is important to distinguish symptoms of extra-uterine pregnancy in time.


1. Unfortunately, to distinguish extra-uterine pregnancy not easy. Its many signs on early terms the same, as at healthy pregnancy: periods delay, increase in a breast, nausea, dizziness, disgust for smells. It and is unsurprising, in an organism of the woman there is the same hormonal reorganization that would occur at normal pregnancy.

2. With objective and subjective signs of pregnancy it is necessary to differentiate uterine from extra-uterine. Performing ultrasonography is for this purpose shown, and in certain cases recommend to do also laparoscopy. Blood tests of blood and urine on a horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person (pregnancy hormone) can help with diagnostics: at extra-uterine pregnancy the indicators of HGCh are a little reduced.

3. When diagnosing pay attention to the clinical record (inflammatory diseases, violations of a menstrual cycle, postnatal complications).

4. Poor bloody allocations are characteristic of extra-uterine pregnancy (dark), the pulling or skhvatkoobrazny belly-ache which can give to a waist, the general weakness, dizziness, are possible faints. Quite often at extra-uterine pregnancy there are symptoms of anemia (skin pallor, small yellowness eye a skler and mucous membranes).

5. If interruption of extra-uterine pregnancy began, from a genital tract pieces of fabrics of fetal egg can be allocated. Bleeding can be rather intensive. Naturally, diagnostic opportunities of a hospital allow to speak with a bigger accuracy about presence of pathology. Nevertheless, if you observe at yourself release of dark blood with clots, it can demonstrate already interrupted extra-uterine pregnancy.

6. If you suspect at yourself extra-uterine pregnancy, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. Remember that the earlier pathology will be detected, the it is more at you than chances of restoration and normalization of reproductive function, and long delay at all is life-threatening. If the diagnosis is confirmed, will perform on you operation. After that you should complete a rehabilitation course.

7. To reduce risk of emergence of extra-uterine pregnancy, it is necessary to reveal and cure inflammatory diseases of genitals, also as well as violations of functions of ovaries in time. Abortions in the anamnesis increase risk of pathology therefore they should be avoided, using reliable contraceptive means.

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