How to rise on turn in kindergarten in Lipetsk

How to rise on turn in kindergarten in Lipetsk

The problem of kindergartens remains acute, despite all measures taken by the government. Therefore parents should attend to a question of production of the child in turn into place in preschool institution not only in megalopolises, but also in average of the size the cities, such as Lipetsk.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of the parent;
  • - documents on the right for privileges.


1. Collect all necessary documents. Issue the birth certificate of the child if did not make it earlier. Also you will have to show the passport of one of the child's parents. If you have documents confirming your right to preferential turn in kindergarten, show also them. It is desirable for parents of disabled children to take certificates of specifics of a condition of the child if he needs stay in special correctional preschool institution.

2. With all papers address to multipurpose service center of the population of Department of Education of the city of Lipetsk for receiving the place in turn in kindergarten for the child. It is to the following address - Pobedy Avenue, 6A. The relevant services work at the first floor of the building. At the same time be ready to what you should wait in turn for. If you are not able to get on reception on the same day, then you will be able to register in reception for later fixed time.

3. On the place, in the multipurpose center, fill the statement for granting the place to your child in kindergarten. You can specify number of preschool institution to which would like to send the child in it. In the presence of an opportunity your wishes will be considered.

4. If your documents are processed correctly, your application will be registered, and not only in paper, but also in electronic form. You have an opportunity to control advance of your child in turn. For this purpose you will need to visit the website of city administration in took care department of preschool education - Specify a name, a surname and the child's middle name and also date of his birth in the respective fields, and you obtain information on advance of his candidate in turn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team