How to rise on turn in kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

How to rise on turn in kindergarten in Yekaterinburg

Some parents do not send the children to kindergarten, having an opportunity to raise children of the house. We advise the same parents who after all decided to send the child to kindergarten as soon as possible to rise on turn and to prepare before it the necessary documents. It is the best of all to begin to deal with this issue beforehand, approximately in two months after the child's birth. The turn moves very slowly, and issue of the permit can approach just by then when it is time for child to go to kindergarten.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - copy of the birth certificate of the child; - passports of parents and their copy (pages with passport data and registrations);
  • - inoculative certificate;
  • - Internet.


1. Register or register in that area in which you want to visit a garden.

2. Then make copies of the following documents: - birth certificate of the child; - passports of parents and their copy (the page with passport data and registrations). Just in case make copies in a double copy not to look for the copier at submission of documents. Pay attention that the complete list of documents is specified directly in your regional department of national education. And learn documents for receipt in a garden directly from the head of the kindergarten. If you have privileges, then it is necessary to provide the documents confirming them.

3. Buy the inoculative certificate and pass medical examination with the child across the place of residence. Your local pediatrician will give you the directions and the list of doctors. Also fill out the inoculative certificate at the pediatrician.

4. Then approach with a package of the prepared documents in District Administration. Write the application for admission of the child in municipal preschool educational institution. After that your data will bring in electronic base, and will issue you the coupon with the indication of number in an electronic queue. Advance of turn can be checked on the website of Department of education of administration of Yekaterinburg (

5. It is also possible to use the "Electronic Queue in Kindergarten" project on the Internet. This project works since March, 2010. Register on the official portal of Yekaterinburg to the address After that wait for the letter in which there will be a personal card with the code assigned for each child. Then by this code it will be possible to check number of turn.

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